Marlin Fishing at Fraser

Marlin fishing options for Fraser Island.
Marlin Fishing At
Australia’s largest sand island has only recently begun to receive the angling attention it deserves. Aside from a year-round blue marlin fishery to rival anywhere else in the country, the Queensland winters at Fraser have a lot more going for them than the mostly mild temperatures that bring southerners flocking to the Sunshine State including two distinct runs of the juvenile black marlin as well as year-round blue marlin fishing on the eastern side of the island.
Luke has been in the marlin fishing industry since leaving school at 16. There’s not much he doesn’t know about catching marlin and you’d been hard pressed to find a skipper or guide who has caught more in his career!
Baby Black marlin
The juvie blacks are voracious feeders who provide anglers of all experience an energetic and aerial display. They can be caught on light tackle including spinning gear which means they can be a ball to catch for all members of the family young and old, and big or small. For fly fishers, its also a dream fishery with multiple opportunities that you don’t get elsewhere!
We start catching the juvenile black marlin, the product of the previous year’s big marlin season fish, the following year from as early as March and April on the eastern side of Fraser Island. Australian anglers refer to these very small fish as micro black marlin.
The micro blacks at Fraser can be caught in great numbers over the winter months. During Covid lockdown in July 2020, Luke and Kelly caught (and released) 23 in just 4.5 hours of fishing.
Juvie Blacks Inshore
These slightly larger model black marlin travel down the 30-meterline from Cairns and Townsville. As they hit the top of the Fraser Island Breaksea Spit they can get herded inshore inside the island and into Hervey Bay. These fish are often caught in just a few meters of water at Rooney’s Point and Wathumba Creek before they eventually find their way back outside the island.
Peak periods for targeting the inshore blacks is October and November through to Christmas.
Year Round blue marlin

The blue marlin fishing at Fraser Island can be fantastic almost every month of the year! While peak season in other areas of SEQ might be March through to May, big numbers have been caught off Fraser Island in almost every month of the year, and we’ve had particularly good fishing in August and early September as well when we can target the blues and the blacks on the same trip!

Warm water from the North Queensland tropics is funneled south by the East Australian Current (EAC) and hits the coast at Fraser Island and making these ideal conditions for blue marlin.

It is this year round supply of warm water from the tropics that ensure the Fraser fishery produces the fish year-round.

Marlin FISHING at Fraser Island

Australian recreational anglers are lucky enough to be able to enjoy some of the very best marlin fishing in world right here at home and Fraser Island tops the list of Australian marlin fishing destination. With catch and release the norm, not only do we have healthy fish populations that are home three species of marlin – being blue marlin, black marlin and striped marlin – but we also catch them here in all sizes, from the juvenile fish in the 10kg range, all the way up to the XOS models!


Not only is the marlin fishing top notch, but the Fraser Coast itself and the wildlife it attracts at different times of the year is pretty spectacular. Get in touch and we can taylor make a trip for you!


Boat options
Luke operates both an inshore 5.8m O’Brien custom centre console as well as 56 foot live aboard O’Brien game boat and so has the ability to tailor a marlin fishing charter at Fraser Island for you.
Get in touch with us to discuss options for marlin fishing at Fraser Island for peak time of year, location, boat and target species options!