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Luke’s charter fishing career has spanned over 3 decades since starting as a crewman on a marlin fishing charter boat in Townsville and fishing the Cairns giant black marlin season. He is now a veteran of 34 marlin seasons being full time in the industry ever since.

While Luke’s first loves remain marlin and barramundi – two iconic Australian species known for their visual out of water displays – he is adept at all types of fishing. Luke Fallon Sport & Game Fishing has now been based on the Fraser Coast since 2018 and offers a variety of fishing options to local and visiting anglers from all over the country and world!

He is a highly competent angler in his own right, but as a skipper and guide, his more than 100 days on the water each year, and many years experience guiding, are to the immense benefit of his charter clients!

Luke has been involved in the charter fishing industry full time for 34 years.
Luke is also well known in Australian marlin fishing circles as the skipper of the charter boat KEKOA for the past 16 years. On KEKOA he has previously spent 9 years operating KEKOA as a mothership and guiding barra fishing charters in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Throughout the years he has operated sport & game fishing charters in several hotspots along the Australian east coast including, Cairns, Townsville, Gold Coast, Port Stephens, Sydney and now the Fraser Coast since 2018.
Luke is a Master V, MED I and holds a current Senior First Aid Certificate.


Luke Fallon Sport & Game Fishing

Some of Luke’s favourite achievements as angler and guide include:

Bara Saltwater

Saltwater: Angler
Biggest barramundi as angler = 131cm
Saltwater: Guide
Biggest barramundi as guide = 127cm
Saltwater: Guiding
Guiding saltwater - 9 barramundi over 1m in a single session including a very impressive 5 over 1.2 metres.

Bara impoundment

Impoundment: Angler
Biggest barramundi as angler = 138cm
Impoundment: Guide
Biggest barramundi as angler = 130cm
Impoundment: Guiding
Guiding freshwater - getting an angler who has spent over 20 years trying for his first metery, 3 over 1m in a single session including one at 1.3m!

Marlin fishing

Giant black marlin Cairns
9 giant black marlin in a day twice. 22 giant black marlin in a 4 day period including 7 over 700lbs.
Fraser juvie black marlin
23 black marlin in just 4.5hrs of fishing as well as a run of 14, 14 and 12 juvie black marlin releases consecutively.
Fraser heavy tackle
25 marlin in 7 days including 2 grand slams for a total of 20 blue marlin, 3 black marlin and 2 striped marlin.
Luke Fallon
Some of Luke’s exploits as angler fishing one of his favourite honey holes of Tinaroo Dam. Luke has vast experience at many of the impoundment fisheries across the state including Tinaroo, Peter Faust, Callide, Awonga, Monduran and Lenthalls Dams.