Fishing Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the country's most diverse fisheries.

Fraser Island’s Fraser Coast and Sandy Straits offers visiting anglers some of the most diverse fishing opportunities in the country.

Whether you live here and are looking for an adventure, or are fishing Fraser Island for the first time, we can put together a package for you.

Our options include fishing inshore for juvenile black marlin and pelagic species of heading into the estuaries to target barramundi and threadfin salmon. All fishing in our custom built 5.8m O’Brien Center Console KOA launch in February 2021. We can also offer live aboard adventures as well as big game fishing on the eastern side of the island on board the 56foot O’Brien KEKOA. KEKOA is both a comfortable live aboard mothership and fishing platform and together the options are endless!

Fishing Fraser Island for marlin
Fraser offers a truly remarkable year round bill fishery to traveling anglers from all over the world.
You can catch three species of marlin here with blue and striped marlin at play on the eastern side of the island almost year-round. We have also caught spearfish and bigger blacks.
Juvenile black marlin are also plentiful at different times of the year. In the cooler months we can catch them on the eastern side of Breaksea Spit (our best day in 2020 was 23 releases!). Later in the year, primarily from September through to January the can also be targeted on the inside of Fraser Island at Rooney’s Point.
Contact us and we can tailor-make a marlin fishing charter fishing Fraser Island for you.
Fishing Fraser Island Estuary
The estuaries of Fraser Island give ample opportunity for fishing in calm water and protected from the prevailing winds by Fraser Island.
Our charters depart from River Heads boat ramp which provides convenient access to the Mary & Susan Rivers as well as various other spots along the estuaries of the Sandy Straits.
Target species include the iconic Australian barramundi as well as threadfin salmon which are both caught here in good size. Guest David Granville scored his PB 123cm saltwater barra fishing here with Luke in September 2021.